Authors & Artists

Erica Holt

Erica Holt is a person who writes, takes photographs, and thinks about things on a regular basis. She has just returned to Vancouver after a stint of living alone in the veritable woods followed by a year documenting the remains of her father’s life after his recent death. In previous lives she had been employed as a front-line anti-violence activist, rape crisis worker, arts administrator, ‘mental health’ advocate, florist and philosophy student, among her favourites. She is interested in the everyday as a site of exploration and empathy, where she believes that life happens.


Matea Kulić

Matea Kulic is a writer and literacy tutor living in Vancouver. She has been published in local literary magazines including RicePaper, The Liar and The Haro, the last one to which she also contributes as an editor. Between work and writing, she makes time for swimming.

Kevin M. Rowe

Kevin M. Rowe is a Vancouver based educator, book artist, writer, poet and musician. Through his work he explores the relationship between ontology and space, the city and existentialism, the self as narrative, the decay of modernism, and the complexities of love and madness. His writings are a fine blend of surrealism and polemic. They act as a call to arms for lovers of freedom everywhere to shatter the illusions of the unified-self and to express themselves in all their multiplicity of being.

Adi Hadzismajlovic

Adi Hadzismajlovic is a Vancouver based artist and poet. His work is informed by displacement and longing. His writing and drawings are blessed with an esoteric quality, yet refuse misunderstanding. They are both universal and highly subjective, giving birth to a host of contradictions and playfulness. His passion will lead his audience to dance hedonistic with his words.

Jack Garton

The body can speak and Jack Garton is attuned to this to the upmost of his senses capabilities. The body is music and so the rhythms and tempo of Jack’s writing follows. Jack’s poetry is a reminder that we are here, present in the now. It begs us to forgive ourselves for our past mistakes, and to be humble in the celebration of our successes. Whether they are nostalgic musings or embarrassing self-admittance, Jack has stories to tell and we should listen.

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